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R-Class-Cable - Refrigeration Industries Cable

To Protect Sliding Doors and Opening Doors From Freezing Up - Special Cold Room,..

The R-Class cable means Round self-regulating heating cable. Our R-Class heating cable was specially developed to protect the doors and seals of refrigerating chambers against frost. It is also used for applications requiring a round heating cable.
By using our self-regulating electric heat tracing R, you make sure that you get the best defrosting system for negative cold room door. Through its unique "self regulating" matrix, it is easier and safer to use. you freed from the problems of door sizes.

A single cable replaces all your references, all you resistances, whatever the length of the doors. 

Furthermore, the self-regulating heating cable is varying according to its temperature. This avoid overheating especially at the corners of doors (no dysfunction).  
Finally, thanks to his "Self limiting" technology called "parallel". You can connect the heating cable R-Class to the exact length you want. Also you can connect directly into the junction box. Then you do not have to prepare any cold end and thus saving time and substantial cost.
Its storage system on coil type CableBox or bobbins allows easy handling, quick and convenient. This product is available on stock.

WORLDTRACE-R Trace Heating cables applications

Self Regulating WORLDTRACE R-Cable advantages

WORLDTRACE-R Self Regulating Heating Cable Description

  1. Bus wire Cu nickel-plated (2x0.55mm²) 
  2. Self limiting heating element
  3. Insultation

WORLDTRACE S-Cable Datasheet

Nominal Voltage 230V

Maximum length circuit:

Minimum Bending Radius 30 mm                           

Weight approx. 41.5 kg/km (alufoil)

Minimum installation temperature -35°C                

Maximum exposure temperature (energised) 65°C

Maximum exposure temperature (deenergised) 65°C               

Power Curve

WORLDTRACE R-Class Round Self Limiting

Download Free Datasheet

To Protect Sliding Doors and Opening Doors From Freezing Up - Special Cold Room,..